Love all

Once I read somewhere:

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none"

I must add to the middle part, "trust a few", that

especially never ever trust fanatics. They are not logical. They are not predictable; and they are not technically healthy in their attitude and behavior. But still they are lovable. Because everyone is. And keep in mind that as soon as you stop loving them just like you love all others, you would also join them as a fanatic and as a result, become untrustworthy and lovable. So, remember the rule: "Love all,..."



سختـگیری و تعصب خامی است

تا جنینی کار خون آشامی است

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Nice, but still think fanatics are more predictable than you believe.


سلام آقا سهيل. به نظرمن اینطوری درست تره: Love all, Trust few, Do wrong to none


درست گفتی برادر ... حمید را نفهمیدم